Board of Directors & Officers

Our Board of Directors consists of the following eight individuals:

1.  Maureen Basquill Ruf

2.  Donna Hallas

3.  Paul Hyung Kyun Kim

4.  Priscilla Yuen-Man Kuk

5.  Geraldine Kunstadter

6.  James A. Ruf, Jr.

7.  Juliann Xiaochuang Wang

8.  Diane T. Woo

The Board of Directors is our governing body that establishes and approves the Agency’s mission, policies, budget and programs, and appoints and oversees the performance of the officers and Executive Director.

It is the express policy of our Board that, as the Agency gains experience in the placement of orphans from abroad, it will remain a closely knit and active Board and not retreat to merely an oversight function.

The Agency’s Corporate Secretary is Yorlene Vukel.

The President, Treasurer and Acting Executive Director is Maureen Basquill Ruf.